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Our Mission

Together, the Housing Authority of the Birmingham District and the City of Birmingham are working to transform Southtown Court in ways that will improve the quality of life for residents by rebuilding, revitalizing  and giving residents the opportunity to return.

Brick Laying

Currently, residents live in a 1940s dwelling that is past its useful life. We believe that Southtown Court residents deserve the highest quality housing we can provide. We plan to rebuild affordable housing units on site to ensure we’re providing the type of housing residents can be comfortable in and proud to call “home.”

Playing in a Tunnel

Residents will receive modern comforts and a community that is revitalized. We want to build facilities that give the children and adults a safe place to play and enjoy themselves. We also want to attract companies and organizations to the surrounding areas that will provide the residents with opportunities to work and enjoy their neighborhood.

Happy Family

While it can be overwhelming to go through a major transition like this, we’re going to work through it together. The residents’ thoughts, desires, concerns, and preferences are at the forefront of our decision making during this process. We want to make sure we make this process as seamless and smooth as possible for our residents because they are our neighbors. 

The New Southtown Court

The New Southtown Court